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Brave-Bright-Now management consultancy, advice and Manufacturing services. We begin and end with the outcome. Specialising in Renewal and Transformational Change within Manufacturing organisations large and small - improving the performance of SME, corporate and private equity clients. There is a seismic shift going on demanding new styles of Leadership and work.


BBN Nexus also offers a unique consulting associate portfolio proposition – we are all about strategic and operational transformation from old world structured efficiency and supply-chain perspectives - delivering new responsiveness, agility, flexibility and outcome-based solutions – rapidly deploying best in class and appropriate partner solutions in leadership, engagement and collaboration.


Lean Manufacturing is at our core - but so too creating new planning, supply-chain and manufacturing solutions powered by informed Industry, Digital and IoT thinking. New business models, sustainability, resilience, rapid pivot and the safety/actualisation of human capital.

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Nigel Whittingham
BSc (Hons), MBA, C Eng, CITP, MIET, MBCS

Lean Bio

Principal Director


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