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Enterprise Excellence

Our thinking on Lean Operations Excellence begins with a compelling reason for change, ownership and alignment of the programme with company values and business objectives - including Quality and value for the customer.


Transformational change will take place from the current to a future state - but a journey not a destination. Three aspects need to align - Leadership, Lean methodologies and Employee Engagement.


Systems thinking and visual management in daily operation connects goals to SQCDP action workflow via tiered meetings to KPI’s. The supporting Lean principles and methodologies we know very well – JIT, Jidoka, Hoshin Kanri, Genchi Genbutsu, Gemba, Kanban, 5S, SOP, VSM, A3 and more.


And whilst Flow & Pull are our gods, there is always room for forecasting, S&OP and the balanced application of MRP. End-to-end supply chain thinking - and commitments to Continuous Improvement and waste reduction. For us this is fun – it’s simply what we do.

Transformational change

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