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Digital / IoT

Our offering in this sphere covers two areas.

Firstly your product side and awareness of disruptive influences - disrupt yourself. Change product offerings to take advantage of digital means. Consider servitization. Consider manufacturing as a service - everything as a service. Develop your strategy - incubate new ideas.

On the internal side, we operate in the realms of Industry4 and IIoT - to help you to develop a digital road map of appropriate technology.

External and internal - deploy Agile and Lean Start-up thinking and methodologies.

We also offer advice on the manufacturing classics of ERP system selection and development or, best in class point solutions.

End-to-end supply-chain thinking implies that these could be one and the same eco-system, your supply, your operation/ERP, your customers and your customers customers supply-chain. Here is where blockchain in manufacturing may become reality.

Gartner suggests different lanes for your Digital journey - the fast lane for customer focused projects, your eco-system and IoT product - the slow lane for tech that can wait eg. ERP upgrades.

Agile comes into its own here; start-up outside the constraints of corporate structure – begin with a relevant outcome - pick just a few key projects and deliver fast - minimum viable products.


Fail fast and maintain a funnel of new ideas - kill your darlings – pivot fast but, whatever you do, make a start now.

Transformational change

Digital social media
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