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The main event and our core offering can be in collaboration with a partner organisation who simply know and taught me how to have this transformational change happen.

Being the head of a Manufacturing organisation requires us to be a Businessperson and a Manager - and a Leader. The Businessperson has to be fully aligned with and drive the business goals, values and objectives. The Manager has to get the Operations strategy and management job done. Leadership is the key to all of this and more.

The Leader has to intervene with People and before that we have to intervene with ourselves. The Leader has to develop and be a part of a cohesive Management Team – development of the team means development of Leadership within the team; we are all leaders and we hold the keys to collective leadership.

Then Leadership is about consistency of purpose to delivery for the Businessperson and the Manager. Leadership is about knowing yourself and the team knowing themselves and letting go the egos and hang-ups, letting go the past – generating affinity, shared commitments, connecting, levelling-down, listening, trust, appreciation and more; dealing with competitiveness, greed and ambition. Then, re-imagining the future together as a team.

Someone said pp. that leadership is a gift, bestowed upon people by the members of a team or group; this landed with me. Leaders are not born then. Clearly leadership can be temporary - in the sports team analogy, managers or coaches can win or lose the dressing room. So leadership is always something to be appreciative of and humbled by - and something to take strength in. Leadership comes with expectations and responsibility - trust is key.


We are all leaders and tiered leadership gets things done. Leadership then, is about behaviors and more than that ‘being’ and being a complete leader, rigorous practice and genuineness. 

Transformational change

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